Each set is available custom fitted for your Wedding

Do you need a GREAT wedding gift for someone dear to you?
Give a gift like none other.
What could possibly be more of a surprise?
Commemorate this special day

Tuxedo Wedding Package
Set 1

Red Rose Wedding Package
Set 2

Daisy Wedding Package
Set 3

Blue Wedding Package
Set 4

NEW - Cards & Announcements

Can be used printed, or as E-cards to announce
your special event to your friends and relatives

Dove Wedding Package
Set 5

Special Offer - Packaged sets $300

- 4 pages (choose from below)
- Up to 5 photos (with minor enhancements only)

- Temporary (3 months) maintenance
- Temporary (3 months) hosting

- All links
- Including "mail-to" button directed to your E-mail address
- Final site sent to you on a Compact Disk

Additional image editing and/or scanning available.

Each Wedding set might include:

Home -
Begin with a welcome statement from the bride and groom. Let your guests know what they will find in this site.

Wedding Announcement -
Include a copy of your wedding invitation on this page. You may choose to simply type the text from your invitation here, or you may want to scan the invitation and include it here.

Gift Registry -
Includes merchant names and URL's

The Bride and Groom -
Picture of The Bride and Groom. When they First Met: Engagement: Wedding Date:

Photo Album -
Write an introductory statement regarding the ceremony and events, and add captions to your wedding photographs.

Our Families
The Bride's Family Mother (Add personal information about the mother of the bride) Father (Add personal information about the father of the bride) Optional: Brother(s), Sister(s), Stepmother, Stepfather. [Add photos of the bride's family or old family wedding photos.] Repeat for the Groom.

The Wedding Party -
The Wedding Party- photo of the wedding. The Officiant: The Bride’s Maids: The Groomsmen: The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer: Ushers:

The Ceremony -
The Ceremony and Reception Name and location of ceremony: Date of ceremony: Time of ceremony :Address, City & State Phone Number Email address Map, etc. Same for the Reception: The menu Music/entertainment provided by [band name] Our Wedding Song

R.S.V.P. To attend the ceremony, RSVP and let us know whether you plan to join us or send your regrets. Mailing Address: Telephone: Email Address:

NEW - Cards & Announcements

Contact me .... ImWebLover@aol.com

**BRAND NEW-- complete Anniversary packages too**

Wedding Decal
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