Meet Jack & RoseSee how it looks on a can

This was for a beginner Photoshop class. The assignment was to make a can label.  Criteria ... had to include 2 images, an ingredient label, and a bar code symbol.  The label had to fit exactly on whatever can size you chose. Click on the picture to see how it looks on the can.

As you can see, I chose "The Titanic" as my theme. The main picture of course, was the ship. Notice on the right side of her is a ghostly lifeboat. This took a bit of work as it was a full color, white background image. I had to reduce her size; then I used the Pen Tool and Magic Wand to get rid of the background; then adjust the transparency so the icebergs were visible through it.

The image of Rose and Jack was done using a similar method achieving a ghostly image. The front of the boat aligned beautifully on my can. There were so many great images available from the movie that it was hard to choose.


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