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About Me

I love building web sites. I've learned quite a bit doing researching for a new site.

You can read here about my education and how I started with web design.

I live near San Diego, California. I'm a single mom. Right now I live with my youngest child, Jaws.  He is featured in several places throughout my web site.  By the way, Jaws is an AKC Yorkshire Terrier.   He was a Christmas present.  He may be small, but he has the heart of a Doberman. I also have two teenage children. Rebecca is a lovely young lady who just turned 20. Ryan is a gorgeous young 16yo man. I am very proud of both of these miniature Bobbye's. Becky and I are taking an Anthropology class together this semester.

I try to get involved in groups on the net. I am Editor of the "Hot Tips" section of one newsletter and, I do software reviews for another. I am a guide at 123webmaster. I contribute jokes to another newsletter.

I have added a Hot Tips section to my web site. You will find hot tips about a little bit of everything, from PhotoShop (how to make a gradient), to the best use of a table in a web page, or how to take your mouse apart for its weekly cleaning.

I can honestly say that my web site changes daily with new pages added or changed. I love making banners and my banner pages now number about 6 I think. I've added a Calling Card or E-Invitation page to my site this week. I can make a Flash animation for your intro page. I can create a form for your potential client to fill out and send directly to you.

You will find complete Wedding and Anniversary packages. Soon I will be adding youth sports web sites, like softball and little league. I've made logos and banners for several sites from photos clients sent to me, as well as animations.

I offer temporary hosting, training so you can maintain your site, or maintenance if you want me to take care of it for you. I can burn CD's for you. I can even register your domain for you if you like, and recommend a permanent home to you.


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