Hmmm...sounds like a Stephen King novel.

This town is trying to reduce its local population!

80% guaranteed.

Younger painters need not apply!

Thanks, but I think I'll just keep driving.

I wonder how long they'd remain your best friend?

I believe I'll just keep shopping at 7-11

Why not?

Perfect road for a getaway.

We can never have too much "stuff."

Tattoos done while you wait?
So does that mean you can't leave a body part and go shopping while your tattoo is being done?

Make your choice and start your engines.


Run, Bullwinkle, run!!

Do you reckon they ran out of Canola oil?

Oh, there has to be some circumstance when it's allowed.

Who says you can't be in two places at once?

Oh, my.

Maybe the sign should have read "Pass With Care - Right Side Up"


They actually have to put a sign up to keep people from doing this?

Fast elderly people must cross elsewhere.

Sure hope everyone brought along an empty coffee can or a mason jar.

Besides, they aren't in season right now!

Now, as you drive down the highways and byways, enjoying these funny signs, if you ever come across...
a two-story outhouse - use the upper one.

 Name Calling