Illustrator 8 Projects

This was for a beginning Illustrator 8 assignment. Our assignment was to create a 6x4" postcard invitation. The theme our choice.  The images were frames cut from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," edited in PhotoShop to enhance colors and make alien background transparent, then combined in Illustrator with text.

Beam Me Up Scotty

Photoshop project I called Cellular Animals

My puppy.  I used an actual photo of my pup, edited in PhotoShop to make a wallpaper of him. He weighs 4 pounds and his name is Jaws because he thinks he's a Doberman.


One more Illustrator invitation..


Another Illustrator project during same 8 day class was to make one piece of a virtual reality quilt..

ABC's & 123's

A candle made from scratch with Illustrator alone, then more of the same candle with different colors and filters applied.


Playing with filters, outlined text, gradients, transform tools, to create logo for new business cards. Initial pass. More to be added before final design achieved.

Logo 1st pass
Red Swirl Bus. card
Purple logo

New logo and button created for ESA account. Created using PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, and Illustrator.

ESA Button
ESA New Logo


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