Great Flash web sites and examples found here. Flash preloader tutorials here.
Viacreme :) -->>turn your speaker down :)
There's a great Flash intro.......
How about some subliminal Flash?
Simple full moon motion guide using full path
Flash index page
Fading boxes that pop
Password area ---------------- password is bobbye
If you're here because you wanted help with a preloader check out my Hot-Tips section.
For all you X-Files fanatics masking with the text as mask, sounds, and graphics

Check out some Javascript and Flash games. Most of these I did Not create, some I did but thought you might enjoy all. I have about a dozen more to add.

A couple of examples of masking text subliminal and simple
Banner project with sound
Text Shape tweening - pretty cool stuff ... and ... here's two more
ABC's    the effect of invisible hole
Want to be in the spotlight? Nothing special just for looks
The real bug's lifeMy bug Use of a navigation guide
Logo Flash - Tweening, sound and navigation guide
Beginnings of new index page - Navigation guide
Valentine's Special Flash with Preloader, sounds using MP3
Merry Christmas
 Flash intro

Opening page for a cop-type site. Full page navigation. with Preloader

Proposed VESL Splash page for school site

See my little red vette move courtesy of flash.Little Red Vette

Flash intro page for new client. Testing button sounds right now. Waiting for actual links.

Very cool beating heart

My daughter, Becky, singing her BOP song. A Flash class project.  FYI, Move your mouse across the letters at the bottom of the clip when it loads ---->

Fun sort of flash interface and the same interface as an image map.

Password protected flash entrance (the password is tim). I also have several other Password scripts.

Great example of a flash Preloader. The target audience was a French radio station audience.

Flash thank you

Want to see a Flash carousel? I had to take this picture apart, get rid of the background, and separate the pole from the horse before starting to build the Flash file. with Preloader

Flash clipart carousel

Another horse I made with PhotoShop and then Flashed

Good examples of Flash navigation using sounds, tweening, and transparency

Flash fading technique

Want to see a Flash beating heart? Possible uses.. buttons
Roll your mouse across the hearts once loaded

Similar to the Flash heart.   More Flash buttons. Click on the loaded images and see how the button is depressed.

A simple Flash stickman taking a walk

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