Each set is custom made for your Anniversary

Do you need a GREAT anniversary gift for someone dear to you?
Give a gift like none other
Commemorate their special day
What could possibly be more of a surprise for parents or grandparents

Red Rose Anniversary Package
Set 1

Gold Anniversary Package
Set 2

25th Anniversary Package
Set 3

Wheat Anniversary Package
Set 4

NEW - Cards & Announcements

Can be used printed, or as E-cards to announce
your special event to your friends and relatives

Special Offer - Packaged sets $300

- 4 pages
- Up to 5 photos (with minor enhancements only)

- Temporary (3 months) maintenance
- Temporary (3 months) hosting

- All links
- Including "mail-to" button directed to your E-mail address
- Final site sent to you on a Compact Disk

Additional image editing and/or scanning available.

Each Anniversary set might include:

Home - Site Dedication -
Sample Text: These pages are dedicated to the many people who have touched our lives over the years, supported us and helped us grow as human beings and as a couple. We thank you.

Our Early years -
Describe your life together when you were first married. You might include the places you lived during those years, friends, neighbors, vacations, and family photos.

Memories -
Describe special memories that were particularly important to you during your marriage. Include news clippings, announcements, photos, or stories.

Our Children -
Describe your life as you began to have children or as you expanded your family. Again, you might include the places you lived during those years.

Anniversaries Past -
Commemorate your past anniversaries. List dates and details about your anniversary celebrations.

Anniversary Party -
Describe your last anniversary party. Include the date and location of the party. Sample Text: Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate our (insert number) wedding anniversary.

Photo Gallery -
Write a brief statement introducing your anniversary photo album.

NEW - Cards & Announcements

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