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Metallic Text
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1. Begin by creating a new medium sized document to work with(~450x300). Select the font you wish to use for your metal text... a wider font (Comic Sans) would probably be the best choice. You should use the following settings for the text tool:

  • large --about 72

  • Antialias turned on (prevents stairstepping)

  • Floating turned off

Example 1

2. Now choose Selections->Promote to Layer and then turn the visibility off on the bottom layer (see below example). Save the selection by going to Selections->Save to Alpha Channel.

Example 2

3. Next, set the foreground color to white and then choose Image->Other->Hot Wax Coating -- repeat this step about 5 times for the best effect. This will be the first step toward making our text look like metal.

Example 3

4. Now, make 2 new layers above the one which contains the metal text -- name one Blue and the other Green. Select the Blue layer and go to Image->Effects->Cutout. In the resulting box, make sure that you have the following settings selected: Fill interior with color should be checked, Shadow color should be set to Blue, Opacity should be at 90, Blur at 20, and for Offset the settings should be 3 for both Vertical and Horizontal.

5. Now select the Green layer. Repeat the steps as you did for the Blue layer, only this time set the Shadow color to Green and the Vertical/Horizontal Offset to -3.

Example 4

6. Turn the Opacity on the Blue and Green layer down to somewhere between 50-70% depending on how you like it best. Add a drop shadow by making a new layer under the metal text's layer and then going to Image->Effects->Drop Shadow. Set it to 3 or 4 and you're done!

Example 5

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