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Background image remains fixed while the text remains fixed in place. This is especially nice if you have a watermark or a nice mostly transparent image.

The old way is to include:

bgproperties="fixed"...... in the BODY tag. This doesn't work in all browsers.


This works more often..

Paste this into the HEAD section of your page (make sure you remove the "." (period) after the left arrow brackets; otherwise the code won't work):


<.style type="text/css">body {color: red; background: white url(./bkimage.jpg) fixed;}<./style>

In the above tag, "color: red" is the text color for the page. The rest is the background color until the background image loads, followed by the path and name of the background image inside the parenthesis brackets, followed by the "fixed" command that keeps the background image from scrolling with the page.


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