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Mac & Windows keyboard
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Mac OS and Windows Keyboard Equivalents

Function Mac OS Windows
Close dialog without any action Esc Esc
Create an alias/shortcut Command + M Right Click and choose create shortcut
Create an alias/shortcut in a specific location Command + Option and drag Alt + drag
Select additional items without
deselecting previously selected
Shift + Click on items Control + Click on items
Select All Command + A Control + A
Send to Trash/Recycle Bin Command + Delete Delete
Startup with Extensions Off/Safe Mode Shift F8
Switch to next active application Command + Tab Alt + Tab
Function Mac OS Windows
Backward Delete Delete Key Backspace Key
Forward Delete Del Key Delete Key
Function Mac OS Windows
Cut to clipboard Command + X Control + X
Copy to clipboard Command + C Control + C
Paste from clipboard Command + V Control + V
Undo Command + Z Control + Z
Function Mac OS Windows
Quit a frozen program Command + Option + Esc Control + Alt + Del
Quit/Close a program Command + Q Alt + F4
Screen Shots
Function Mac OS Windows
Screen capture to clipboard Command + Control + Shift + 3 Print Screen
Active window to clipboard Command + Control + Shift + 4 + CapsLock and click Alt + Print Screen

This excellent tip courtesy of CNET I think

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