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How to clean your keyboard
General Misc.

The easy way first if it's just a little sticky key.

Press down on the sticky key and hold down, rotate the key back and forth. Many times this will clean dust and light particles from the key. Also, you might try turning the keyboard upside down and gently tapping it so debris will fall out.

IF this doesn't do it, then here's the long method...
** read this first!

  1. Turn your computer off and disconnect the keyboard.
  2. Straighten a paperclip and then bend it into a V shape.
  3. Bend the open ends of the paperclip in toward each other so that the paperclip looks like a stethoscope.
  4. Holding the "stethoscope" upside down, gently position each end under opposite sites of the sticky key.
  5. Lift up firmly, but gently, using the paperclip to pop off the key. You might need to wiggle a bit, but don't be too forceful!
  6. If you have trouble getting the key to pop off, try removing some of the keys next to it first.
  7. Turn the keyboard upside down and tap the bottom of the case to loosen dirt and debris in the keyboard.
  8. Flip the keyboard upright and use your compressed air to blow out the rest of the debris.
  9. I use a small paint brush to gently brush the keyboard. Don't use an ordinary vacuum cleaner for this task as it may generate static. Small, computer-safe vacuums are inexpensive and available at most computer retailers.
  10. Gently but firmly snap the key(s) back in place.
  11. If the key is still sticky, the contacts may need cleaning. You can obtain contact cleaner at most electronics and computer stores.
  12. Remove the key(s) again. If you can see metal contacts in the hole that the keycap fits it, squirt a little bit of contact cleaner into it.
  13. Let the contact cleaner dry for about five minutes, then replace the keycap(s).
  1. If you can't see metal contacts because they are covered with rubber or plastic, you can't clean the contacts easily and should not try to do so.
  2. If the keys still won't work properly after cleaning out the keyboard, it will probably need to be replaced.
  3. **DON'T use this technique to remove the space bar unless you are an experienced hardware tech. The space bar has a wire holding it in place that makes it trickier than other keys.
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