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Make a Contact Sheet    

In photography, contact sheets are thumbnail prints of pictures on a roll of film printed together on a single page. They make great inventory sheets and reference guides. Photoshop 5.0 lets you whip up contact sheets with a click of the mouse. Many Web builders work with a lot of images to produce their sites.

aking a quick contact sheet of the inventory of each of your image folders gives you a visual reference so you don't have to open each image file to figure out what's available. Here's how to create a contact sheet:

1. Select File/Automate/Contact Sheet from the main menu.

2. Click the "Choose" button (under Source Folder) and browse to a folder of stored images.

3. Make any changes in the layout of your contact sheet in the dialog box, then click OK.

Photoshop makes a thumbnail image of every graphics file in the folder and puts them in a new document. Instant contact sheet!

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