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Save Photos As GIFs, Not JPGs

Going against everything we've been taught prior to Version 5. Adobe has drastically improved Photoshop's index color conversion, which makes for higher quality 8-bit, (click here to go to CNET's very detailed description of color depths), 256-color versions of 24-bit images. Web builders now have more options when deciding whether to save an image as GIF or JPG. Traditionally, photorealistic images are saved as JPGs.

Use "File-"Save for Web" to compare and preview images. Try it as a JPG, then as a GIF. Compare sizes. Try converting 24-bit RGB images to 8-bit, indexed-color GIFs for Web use. This approach potentially reduces file size while retaining image quality.
The two pictures shown here started life as 24-bit RGB digital photos. Ok, not the best picture in the world, but the only one I had :).

11k jpg

This photo was saved--as age-old conventional Web wisdom dictates-- as a JPEG. The Size? 11K

6k gif

Saving the original photo as a GIF with Photoshop 5.0 produces an image virtually identical to the JPEG version. The Size? A mere 6K

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