Great Web in San Diego California aka Web Design with an Edge specializes in web site design for small business owners on a limited budget. Our web page packages allow small businesses to have an Internet presence at a reasonable cost. We offer custom web sites and affordable template web sites. Custom logos and graphic design available. Flash web design, creation, maintenance, specific coding for search engines, search engine ranking, placement and optimization, domain names, illustration, website design; San Diego area based. Compare our prices! Great web site design begins here!

We provide a full spectrum of Internet related support services. Web site update services, web site promotional services and Internet training (if you prefer to update your site yourself) are just a few of the ways in which we can support the small business on the Internet.

    • We also offer complete design for all your printed need; business cards, flyers, brochures, post cards, banners, etc.
      View samples at

    • Our web site maintenance packages cost about half what the others charge because we want to do business with
      you over the long haul not just this month.

    • Do you need a web site designed for your Ebay products? We can do it. Would you like for us to maintain and update your products on your Ebay site? Super maintenance plans for Ebay sellers.

Want to see some great Flash examples? Take a look at our Banner page. Many static and animated banners. There's even some Flash for X-File addicts..Flash portfolio.   Valentine's Flash with sound.  Flash interface.

Computer &
Web design
Tips & Tutorials

Web design Tips and Techniques section. Flash, Photoshop, General computers, Windows, Mac. Submit your own tip or tutorial and get a link. PDF tutorial detailing a few techniques and effects used with Photoshop filters. Want to know how to make a Flash Preloader?

Special sites for youth sports teams Little League, AYSO, Travel ball, T-ball. Special offer for teams including hosting and updates, game schedules, player pictures. Lots of baseball sounds.
Animated 3D samples
Animated 3D samples to preview. Lots of great techniques both animated and static for you to choose from for your web site.

Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Page Layout example using Adobe PageMaker. Tutorial detailing a few techniques and effects used with Adobe Photoshop (photo shop) filters. Life before Adobe Acrobat? an Adobe Acrobat PDF project.

Navigation bars
Animated web site Navigation bars Skittles; Flash; Image-map ..Photoshop, flash, Dreamweaver, fireworks, illustrator techniques
Blade Pro Logo Examples, Fantasy, Education, Antique, Victorian, Victorian2, Seasons, Legal, Funky
Navigation bars

Example of image mapping using dreamweaver and disjointed rollOvers using a simple color photo shop swatch. And here's a great web site dropdown menu that works in Explorer.
wedding packages

Custom Web Sites for your wedding and Anniversary  Any special occasion. What better gift?

Illustrator and Photoshop

Illustrator and Photoshop vector drawing samples Alien Invitation and much more. Calling cards, invitations, e-cards. Great samples.

Portal to Magic Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop

Portal to Magic -- my Unicorn site.   I made the backgrounds, the rollovers, and buttons with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop. Great technique for before and after pictures.

ESA law enforcement

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? A commercial project I did for a company that deals with law enforcement and public safety agencies.

Red Corvette

Site dedicated to  My Car


Some tasty  recipes

Christmas web page design

Director Project - A VERY large shock file which takes about 30 minutes to open if using a modem. It's Very nice if you take the time and if you love Christmas. I could have made it much smaller, but I included the whole Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies WAV.

Texas using image mapping

All about the Great State of Texas   Great example of image mapping. Click on any picture of the map and it's a unique URL. My home state.


All kinds of funny jokes.. well I think they're funny

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